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An Open Appeal To Draft2Digital, StreetLib, Smashwords, Pronoun, PublishDrive, Xin-Xii Et Al – Help Us Indies Benefit Fully From Your Partner Stores!

Why do our distributors keep their core customers in the dark about their  reach?

Between the various pay-as-you-sell aggregators we indie authors have some very impressive global reach.

Pay-up-front aggregators like Bookbaby and Ebook Partnership still offer some outlets the free-to-upload operators do not – Ingram, Copia, etc.

But the gap is narrowing. Smashwords and PublishDrive will now get us into Gardners and Odilo. StreetLib will get us into BajaLibros and Nubleer. All three will get us into Tolino. Draft2Digital and StreetLib will get us into 24Symbols, etc, etc.

Smashwords has some great outlets others don’t – Baker & Taylor Libraries, Baker & Taylor’s Blio, for example.

But for most indies these stores are just meaningless names that deliver no results and are therefore considered inconsequential to our interests.

Who knows anything of Baker & Taylor or Tolino or Odilo or Gardners? For most Smashwords users these are just names in the dashboard, nothing more.

Odilo now gets us into the Philippines and Odilo and Gardners recently partnered, but apart from a mention of Odilo on the Smashwords blog late last year, which was copy-pasted from an out of date Odilo press release (the Philippines reach was already extant, but Smashwords reported Odilo’s reach in “three continents”, blissfully unaware Odilo was already operational in Asia), there is no data of value available on the Smashwords site about Odilo.

Dan Wood at Draft2Digital, Anne-Catherine de Fombelle at StreetLib – same applies to you guys – how many of your regular users know how many countries 24Symbols or Tolino reaches? Where can they find the Tolino stores to see if their books are listed?

Antonio Tombolini at StreetLib, and Kinga Jentetics PublishDrive, you guys have a simply wonderful selection of global outlets in the dashboard that an internationalist geek like me can stare lovingly at all day, but for most indies and newcomers to StreetLib or PublishDrive, who knows anything at all about most of them?

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Global New Renaissance – the Rise and Rise of Africa.

Still in the digital stone-age.
Or is it?

This week comes confirmation that Big Machine Label Group‘s new global music-video streaming platform Big Machine TV will be powered by a start-up in… Nigeria

BMLG, the first major music label (Taylor Swift among many superstars) to operate its own streaming platform, is using Nigeria’s PublicVine PaaS (platform-as-a-service) system.

For most of us in the First World west, Africa is still assumed to be in the stone-age, but the reality is rather different.

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