“The International Indie Author – your guide to going global” is the blog and website of international best-selling author Mark Williams, a leading authority on the global publishing industry as it pertains to indie authors, and Editor-in-Chief of The New Publishing Standard.

Mark Williams, an ex-pat Brit living in The Gambia, West Africa, was the biggest-selling indie author in the UK in 2011 (with the eleventh best-selling ebook across the board), and has since topped the charts in other countries including France and China. In 2014 Mark Williams became the first and so far only western indie author to reach number on on Amazon’s Kindle China store.

An accomplished editor, writing-tutor and writing coach, Mark’s author services are not only effective, affordable and user-friendly, but the proceeds help support babes, children, families and schools in The Gambia, one of the poorest countries on the planet.

The International Indie Author blog aims to offer news, views and clues on the global ebook scene as relevant to indie authors looking at the bigger picture..

Whether you’re new to going wide and taking those first baby steps, or are an experienced author looking to get that last mile of distribution and reach, the International Indie Author has it all.

On a day to day basis, and for lots of input from other authors taking this same journey, you’ll find the International Indie Author Facebook Group well worth signing up to.

The International Indie Author blog posts will usually be a day or so behind the Facebook Group posts, so again joining the FB group will likely get you the posts sooner, but Facebook is not easy to search over time, and for delving into the International Indie Author archives the blog will be best.

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